Solar PV Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance by Sun Systems UK

Update 27th January 2016


We at Sun Systems uk are here to help, we will deal with your inverter or panel warranty claim, safe in the knowledge that we are an accredited RECC/MCS company that can get your replacement solar pv equipment free of charge - if still under warranty.

We have access to all brands of equipment and if it is a workmanship claim against defective roofing works, we can carry out a full survey and cost efficient repair plan.

Sun Systems Uk is one of the most experienced and trusted Solar PV Installers and maintenance companies in Scotland and the UK - with over 1000 commercial or domestic installations to date.

While the "gold rush" for Solar PV is over and the majority of "flash in the pan" solar pv sales/install companies have left the field - Sun Systems UK is here to stay as a trusted long term provider of Solar PV Support Services, ensuring that your return on investment is uninterrupted and the system is optimised to maximise your income from your feed in tariff.

Update 27th January 2016


Our commercial solar pv division is enjoying a very busy period as both jobs and enquiries are coming thick and fast through the door. This does not come as a surprise as the 10-50kw installations are very competitively priced and have a typical payback period of 5 years, still making this an excellent investment....

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  • Solar PV Insurance and Warranty claims
  • Solar PV Repairs
  • Solar PV Servicing
  • Solar PV Optimisation
  • Solar PV Maintenance
  • Inverter Replacement
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